Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Discover the latest in online collaboration and find out how SharePoint can improve your business.

SharePoint is a brilliant application allowing users to collaborate, co-author in real time, check in and out documents and work together at the same time. Never have to copy files again and email them to your colleagues – save them in SharePoint creating accessible, easy to find files and documents.

Set permissions and access; create lists and libraries and manage users and groups. Work with Metadata.

Modify SharePoint to suit your business’ needs and branding. Customize App Parts and Web Parts, create linked lists.

Share announcements with your staff, organize meetings and after work drinks! Share your knowledge with your colleagues and offer assistance.

SharePoint Training

It is important to understand that SharePoint is role-based and the training requirements are different for each role.

Below is a general overview of the roles listed from the lowest to the highest:

  1. Site User: creates, uploads and uses documents. Co-authors documents. Uses versions. Checks documents in and out. Participates in discussions. Uses calendars, lists and libraries.
  2. Power User (also known as Site Owners): manage a site or a site collection. Creates containers (lists, libraries, pages). Manages permissions. Creates and manages metadata columns. Creates view for users. Creates workflows. In other words: sets up a site or site collection for users.
  3. Farm administrators, web application and database specialists: infrastructure specialists, they enable and manage SharePoint features.

Advantage currently covers courses for Site Users (Getting Started course) and Power Users (Essentials and Advanced courses).

A word of Wisdom: If you have never or barely used SharePoint and are to become a Power User, it is highly advisable that you start with the Getting Started course for site users.

SharePoint 2013 courses available at Advantage:

Advantage provides SharePoint as a Service through it’s Cloud Computing Services, along with consultation and assistance with setting up your site: contact us to discuss all your SharePoint needs and requirements.Picture1