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New Course: Power Query

We’ve recently had several customers contacting us to ask for help with their Excel files,  and most times the answer to their problem was: Power Query. Power Query won’t solve every problem, but if you regularly spend too many hours, or even days, to copy  paste  analyse data over and over again, then it is definitively the solution for you.  It is an amazing free tool that can save you hours!

Two Common Scenarios

1,  The Linked Database Case: You have a huge amount of data in one spreadsheet and you want to analyse it in a separate spreadsheet to keep  data entry and analysis in two distinct files. Most people will copy and paste the data from one file into the other, then analyse. Next day or week or month, they have to repeat the same actions: copy, paste, analyse. These tedious tasks of copying pasting and analyzing can be eliminated and replace by a simple refresh feature. No macros involved only user-friendly tools.


2, The Cleaning Data Situation: Your suppliers or colleagues provide information in various file types such as text, excel or csv files. You often have  to transform (clean) data before you can even start using it. Some people will spend hours to do the cleaning and preparation. Maybe your data is coming from a system such as SQL or even a webpage and you have to constantly  rely on IT to provide it and then it’s not in the shape you wanted it. Power Query to the rescue!


Power Query is a free add-on to Excel created by Microsoft as part of a new series of tools to work more efficiently with data. It’s main purpose is to Extract, Transform and Load data into Excel.

Come to one of our courses, you won’t regret it! View course information.


The Advantage team have been busy creating SuperServers! Find out more.


Advantage February Newsletter

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New for 2016

We have have updated our Word and Excel courses as well as introducing some new ones! We now offer in Word: Mail Merge and Collaboration, Tables and Graphics, and Automation. In Excel: Data Analysis with Pivot Tables (4 – 6 hours), and Charts and Graphics. These are all half day courses allowing you to focus on specific areas of learning in a three-hour session, reducing valuable time out of the office. Pick and choose what you’d like to learn in bite-sized chunks and come back for more when you’re ready.

Soon we will also be adding Visio Advanced, following on from adding Visio Essentials late last year; learn advanced features of this Flow Chart and Diagram software.

An exciting new course we are also working on is Business Intelligence with Power Pivot. Details to come.


OneNote is now at Advantage

OneNote is a fantastic tool for quickly recording information in one easily accessible place; text, pictures, screenshots, meeting notes, audio, video, even handwritten text. It is a personalised notepad suited to your style. Easily organise information into books, sections and pages and share it with others. It is available on all your portable devices, phones included, and therefore important information will no longer stay at the office but will always be with you when you need it. View course information.


Seminar: Working more efficiently with MS Office and Online Collaboration tools and devices

Discover the benefits of your everyday applications and find out how to use them more efficiently and effectively, saving you time and money. What is the cloud and what are portable devices, and how can they be used in modern business?  Online collaboration, file sharing and more; how the cloud can improve your productivity.

Join us for a two hour seminar to discover how to make the most out of the applications and tools you already have at hand, lead by our Microsoft Office Master Instructor, Christine Wurtz. Christine has a wealth of experience in MS Office, and has worked extensively with business users to improve the way they are working; by gaining an understanding of their needs and finding solutions to match. Christine will provide demonstrations in MS Office, talk you through the “cloud” and online collaboration and what it all could mean for you and your business.

When and Where: Wednesday 14 October, 9.30am – 11.30am, Advantage Training Centre, located at 77 Queen Street. Limited off-street car parking available. To secure your place RSVP by: Friday 9 October, phone 06 358 8999 or email

For further information please phone: 06 358 8999 or email: We look forward to seeing you.


Advantage launches new website! 

Advantage is proud to announce the launch of our new website at The goal of the new website is to make it easier for our existing clients to submit and manage support requests, and provide more information about our services for prospective clients.

Our current clients who can access our ticket client portal can now use their email and password to log into the site to make filling out forms easier, access special content, and gain access to our ticketing system.

We’d also like to welcome everybody to our blog, and we encourage you to leave comments.