Business Intelligence with PowerPivot

  • What do you do with all your business data?
  • How much insight do you gain from it?
  • Does it help improve your business? 

Data Analytics in the hand of the user 

Over the years, most businesses have captured tons of data in various places: Excel, databases, or perhaps even dedicated business products such as accounting systems, stock management, etc. Most of these tools will offer some reports, but …

What if you need to analyse data that comes from different sources? Are your reports really giving you the insight you are seeking? Are they flexible enough, or do you sometimes have to read between the lines to get the answers to your questions?

This is where the new Power Tools for Excel become exciting and beneficial. For the last ten years Microsoft has been working at adding new features to a program we all use: Excel. You don’t need a heavy implementation of yet another expensive piece of software, all you need is the appropriate version of Excel.

How can Advantage assist you? 

You want to do it yourself…  

Sometimes the best option is to do it yourself! After all, you are the only one with a full understanding of your business. You are passionate about data, analysis, tweaking results and charts. We recommend you attend our training courses.

PowerPivot training is organised in two separate courses:

PowerPivot Module 1: Core Knowledge - 2 days – Cost per person: $1300 + GST

During this course you will get an introduction to the new Power Tools; understand the difference between standard Pivot Tables and PowerPivot, learn to create Data Models with data coming from various sources, how to link these sources. Create analysis tables and charts, use the powerful DAX language (similar to Excel functions) to create all sorts of custom calculations (measures) to provide a better insight about your data. Once the desired information is obtained in PowerPivot, you will learn how to visualise it by using Power View and Power Map.

PowerPivot Module 2: Advanced Features – 1 day – Cost per person: $700 + GST

Once you are comfortable with the core knowledge, you may want to go a step further. During this course you will dig into more advanced DAX functions, use Time Intelligence features (analysing data over time periods) on a standard calendar or a custom calendar, work with complex relationships and understand context transition in DAX formulas. You will also learn the basics of importing data into Power BI Desktop, creating visuals and sharing them with others.

To find out what the prerequisites are for these courses and build your training profile, contact Ella on 06 358 8999 or email:

We do it for you…

You may not have the time to learn something new but you are still interested in gaining more insight about your data. Advantage can assist you by providing our specialist to create the dashboards you want.

Please contact Chris or Winton on 06 358 8999 extension Sales or email:

Import Information

PowerPivot is not available on all versions of Office. Before attending our course, check with your IT department if you can get one of the following versions of Office. Notice that Excel standalone upgrade is a good option:

  • Excel Professional Plus 2013 (subject to volume licencing)
  • Office 365 Plus
  • Office 365 E3, E4 and E5
  • Excel standalone (approx. $110 USD) best option for smaller businesses who do not want to upgrade Office

These are the only versions of Excel that allow PowerPivot. If a business doesn’t want to invest in the full office update, a cheaper option is to simply take the Excel standalone version.

Business Intelligence with PowerPivot: Data Analysis