Get the most out of your security investment with a SIEM

As today's business grow their security awareness and invest in various solutions to protect agaisnt threats the amount of data generated by these technologies grows exponentially.

Wading through these data by hand isn't possible - critical events and information will be missed which can leave your business exposed and vulnerable. A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution collects, collates and analyses this data providing actionable intelligence from a sea of information.

Although every business should have a SIEM in place the cost of owing, operating and managing such a system is out of the finanical and technical reach of all but the largest organisations - until now.



Advantage recognises the importance of a SIEM to today’s organisations, and have developed an afforable SIEM as a Service solution that delivers security monitoring services on demand with proactive intelligence, alerting and reporting in a hosted model.

Revelation was developed to provide New Zealand organisations access to world class security event management services.

A SIEM plays a critical part in a modern organisation’s security portfolio, allowing visibility into the overwhelming amount of events generated by security products. Through categorising and prioritising these events important trends and insights can be generated which can be used to detect and protect from attacks, hacking and malware.

Revelation is a monthly subscription service that removes the need for an organisation to hire, train and retain SIEM engineers as well as purchase, install and maintain SIEM products – this allows organisations of all sizes to benefit from previously enterprise only technology.


Reduce Security Threats

Improve security insights

  • Subscription based cloud service
  • Ability to integrate with both industry standard log sources (SNMP, NetFLOW, Windows, Linux, syslog etc) and proprietary APIs from devices such as Checkpoint OPSEC, Cisco SDEE and AS400 logs
  • Installed with onsite or virtual log collectors
  • Automatic monitoring, analysis and alerting across an organisation
  • Deep elastic search technology allowing insight into log data
  • Automatic incident opening and reporting to customer
  • 24x7 service for critical incidents
  • Managed and monitored by a team of SIEM certified security experts

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